Campaign Platform

June's Campaign Platform and Priorities.

Building A Resilient and Prosperous City

  • Continue leadership in demonstrating good financial management and value for taxes
  • Make it easier for small businesses to succeed
  • Support the revitalization of our downtown by pursuing a diversity of commercial development. Investments that will bring jobs, housing and new retail opportunities
  • Commit to breaking ground on a modern downtown community library
  • Work with community partners to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive

Creating Safe, Vibrant Neighbourhoods

  • Connect our community with an efficient, reliable bus system and encourage active transportation with well-maintained bike and walking trails
  • Support development that is compatible with existing neighbourhoods and aligns with our environmental initiatives
  • Work with community partners to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe for our residents
  • Work with developers to increase availability of affordable housing, both rental and owned
  • Invest in arts and recreation for all ages and income levels
  • Improve access to affordable, healthy food for everyone

Caring For Our Environment

  • Increase energy conservation efforts
  • Plan for healthy parks, community gardens and public gathering spaces
  • Protect our natural heritage system and water resources
  • Improve retention of existing trees and increase our over-all tree canopy
  • Commit to working with community partners in transitioning to a low carbon, clean energy economy

Community Safety


Strengthen community safety in our neighbourhoods to improve your sense of privacy, comfort and security. Engage citizens, social agencies, and police services in developing innovative solutions to address community safety issues.



Advocate for people living in poverty with ongoing support for the hard work that is being done in our community. Address income and food security, housing, homelessness and health inequities.



A sustainable transportation approach that connects our community with an affordable bus system. A transit system that gets people to where they need to be seamlessly, reliably, with service 7 days a week, including holidays.

Active Transportation


Encourage active transportation with well-maintained bike and walking trails. To get people out of their cars and cycling we need to create safer and more connected networks. We have an opportunity to be one of Canada’s most bicycle-friendly communities by investing in cycling infrastructure.

Gender Equality


Dedicated to helping women pursue their own political aspirations and leadership roles while supporting gender equality.

Seniors Support


As our citizens age, they need to be able to count on healthy lifestyle choices, with an abundance of opportunities to participate in community life in secure and age-appropriate surroundings.



Now is the time to position our city to benefit from a clean energy economy. We have the assets, the expertise and the will! 100% renewable energy will mean new green businesses, good jobs, and cleaner environment. Leadership is needed to illustrate the many benefits of transitioning to a low-carbon and climate-resilient city by reducing our ecological footprint.



I will hold myself and others accountable to be collaborative, courageous leaders while building constructive relationships to achieve our common goals. Signing the Leadership contract could be a first step.



Our beautiful downtown is the heart of the city. Guelph's civic hub for social, economic and cultural activity. Our downtown keeps our community vibrant and it provides an economic climate that supports increased business investment, jobs and housing. Growing downtown Guelph makes it more valuable and cherished for both our citizens and visitors.



Breaking ground on a new modern downtown library and invite the community to participate in shaping a welcoming space that is inclusive and accessible to all.